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Helen Shaw


With over twenty years of experience in education, Helen has been fortunate to hold a variety of teaching and leadership roles encompassing pastoral and curriculum as well as raising standards and assessment within schools, local networks and within multi academy trusts.

Initially training as a secondary science teacher, Helen maintains a keen interest in her subject as well as her professional development.

Helen is passionate about developing the teaching and learning skills of others and supporting teachers to effectively plan lessons and employ timely interventions. As Director of Inspiring Future Teachers (and previously as Director of GLF Teaching School Hub), Helen leads the School Centred Initial Teacher Training and supports the development of the next generation of high-quality teachers through the programme. She believes that collaboration is key to creating best practice solutions and has supported the innovative work on resilience and workload for trainee teachers, with other local and national organisations. Helen continues to strive to ensure that young people are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes through supporting and developing future teachers.