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The partnership between Inspiring Future Teachers and the University of Brighton offers an exciting opportunity for trainees to study for a validated Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) award, with 60 Master’s level credits, which can be used as accredited prior learning on a Masters degree either with Brighton or other universities.

The study for this academic award is in alignment with research which reinforces that teaching is an intellectual activity and should be informed by research and scholarly activity (BERA, 2014; Royal Society and British Academy, 2018; UCET 2021).

We believe that studying for your PGCE alongside gaining Qualified Teacher Status will lay important foundations for your ongoing professional learning. The PGCE award will support you in ensuring that your own pedagogy is grounded in a firm evidence base and equips you in the future to potentially engage independently in either ‘close to practice’ enquiry or research. Our PGCE is designed to enable you to become our expert teachers in the future and the next generation of curriculum makers and leaders in education as a result of your studies. The additional cost for fee funded students is £500.  You can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of the course.  The IFT course fees are £8,750 so your total loan value would be £9,250.  If you do not want to apply for a tuition fee loan you can opt to pay for the course out of private finance. 

PGCE Course Structure

How long is the PGCE?

The PGCE element runs throughout the academic year alongside your training towards qualified teacher status with sessions and assessed work starting in September and completing by the middle of June.

How will I be taught?

The PGCE will be taught by teams of IFT staff and University of Brighton tutors working together to ensure you engage in an integrated programme that supports you through expectations for Master’s level study in education, access to relevant up-to-date research and the skills to critique and apply your learning in the classroom.  The majority of sessions will take place face-to-face with specialist tutors adept at providing informative and engaging learning opportunities.

What assignments will I complete?

The PGCE is made up of three modules focused on fundamental aspects of teaching practice: behaviour management, adaptive teaching and assessment. The assignments are designed to support the application of theory to practice through tasks that enable research-informed review of practice and the identification of new teaching approaches. Assignment tasks include literature reviews, reports on practice, presentations and the creation of professional development resources.

Academic Expectations and Support

What support is there for my academic work?

Easily accessible and clearly communicated support is built into the course and each module with the aim of supporting you to gain confidence and expertise with regards Master’s level study of education.  As well as a course handbook that sets out expectations, advice and sources of further advice every module is supported by a module guidance handbook with specific advice, readings and practical suggestions to successfully complete your assignments. IFT and University of Brighton tutors ensure that you have access to examples of high quality work, research digests and ideas of how you can structure your academic work. For each module there is a formative assessment point that doesn’t contribute to your final award in which you will receive targeted feedback to ensure you are moving in the right direction with your assignments. Finally you will have access to online study advice from the University of Brighton covering all aspects of academic practice

What resources will I be able to access?

IFT trainees will have access to the University of Brighton’s extensive online library with easily accessible academic texts, journals and research digests as well as library guidance.  Trainees will also have access to MyStudies, the online virtual learning environment with access to session materials, links to reading lists and collaborative learning resources. In addition, you will have a University of Brighton student card providing access to students discounts and services nationwide.   

How does the PGCE take into account my workload in the training year?

The course is structured to both complement and integrate into the IFT training curriculum so that the topics studied are ones that will be explored in other training sessions and periods of intensive training and practice. The focus of the PGCE is to make you the best teacher you can be so that the topics support you in planning and teaching and responding to any challenges you might find in your training year. Deadlines for assessed work are carefully structured to take place at times when you have the most space in which to complete assignments.

What if I haven’t engaged in academic study in recent years?

PGCEs are often completed by people who have worked in other sectors between completing their degrees, bringing with them important experiences and life skills.  The PGCE is structured to make understanding expectations of Master’s level education study as clear as possible with the formative tasks enabling you to check your understanding and gain targeted advice on how to further develop your work for your final submission. The skills and experiences from other sectors are often highly relevant in the expectations of assignments that seek for you to research, problem solve and present your ideas in straightforward and clear ways.

Cost of the PGCE

The additional cost for fee-funded students is £500.  You can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of the course.  The IFT course fees are £8,750 so your total loan value would be £9,250.  If you do not wish to apply for a tuition fee loan you can opt to privately fund the programme.